This obituary appeared on the main page between October 2007 and February 2008.

Ever since Evil Jim ended three years ago, I've made an occasional announcement about the marriage or the graduation of people who were the real-life inspirations for characters from the series. It's a nice "Where are they now?" and a frail effort in keeping this webpage updated long after its expiration date. Still, these announcements have been for happy occasions because Evil Jim was really a coming-of-age story about misguided youth (to a small and badly-executed degree) and to hear about the people involved moving on with their real lives just feels good.

Unfortunately, there sometimes comes some bad news as well. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my cat, Tiny, who for fifteen years had been my closest confidant and very good friend. One day my parents noticed she started to eat less and less, and after a week she stopped altogether. Two days later she stopped drinking as well, and was in a noticeably thinner and weaker state. They took her to the vet, where it was determined she had a buildup of fluids coming from her pancreas. It was decided that she should be put to rest.

For the last six years I had only seen Tiny on school vacations. The last I saw her was the beginning of September, and it breaks my heart that I will never see her again. I am very thankful that she went without pain, and with little suffering. My only regret is that I was not there to share her final days.

We bought her from an animal shelter on August 1, 1992 when she was eight weeks old. She was so small, my sister Chris declared she was positively "tiny." I was never good at naming things, so naturally I fixated on that word and declared that's what we would call her. Over the years she would end up growing a belly and reaching 16 pounds, one of life's little ironies. But never did she stop being the cutest cat I'd ever seen.

Tiny had several brief stints as an actress, first appearing in The Jim and Steve Bloopers Show at the tender age of 9 months to claw my face off. She then turned down a lucrative deal to co-star in The Jim and Tiny Show, expressing to me her sincerest wishes to be left the hell alone as I attempted to film the pilot episode. Her last roles spoofed James Bond; she was a Blofield-style lap cat and was also the center of attention in a parody of the MGM logo.

She had a small role in Evil Jim as Evil Tiny, who had been genetically altered to grow ten times her size for no apparent purpose other than eating Pat clones. She would eventually be revealed as a traitor of sorts, appearing with Evil Jim's arch-nemeses Evil Penguin and the Ohtori Student Council. An undeveloped sub-plot would have explained in more detail why she defected and where she went at series end. (All I had determined in terms of her plotline was that she was most certainly not killed in the Ithaca explosion.)

Regardless of her portrayals on screen and on the web, Tiny was a source of comfort not only for me, but my entire family and several close friends.

On our first day together, I declared her birthday to be June 13, 1992, as that date fell exactly eight weeks before the day we adopted her. She was a black cat, and so the two occasions where her birthday fell on Friday the 13th were of some amusement, but thankfully no ill fortune came about.

Tiny was a cherished member of our family and everything a boy like me could have hoped for; a friend, a listener, a playmate and a companion. There will always be a place for her in my heart.

Tiny Panther Whaley
June 13, 1992 - October 18, 2007


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