Seven to Seven

[Twenty-Four refs in bold]

7:20am:  Alison is a character from Josh Phillips' Avalon webcomic.

7:51am:  Kouen is from...well, you figure it out.

8:03am:  The Nyara Nyara Hot Pot is a restaurant from Slayers NEXT.

8:41am:  Cameos: Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, Washu from Tenchi Muyo! and Vash from Trigun.

8:57am:  It's Matt and Pat. Say "hi."

9:58am:  Teddy's Rock Star tee-shirt is for the makers of that wonderful joy-ride of a game, Grand Theft Auto.

10:00am:  "Jack and Teri Breuer" is a blatant Twenty-Four reference.

10:14am:  Teddy wants to watch a TV show, whose name is very similar to .hack//SIGN.

10:39am:  And it has a Key, just like that show.

11:30am:  The ketchup bottle has the number 48, a take on Heinz's 58 varieties. But 48 is a multiple of 24.

11:59am:  A customer at the bar wears a jersey that says "Almeida," as in Tony Almeida.

11:59am:  And he's number 24.

12:54pm:  Andy serves Goku. Hope the Diner's got a lot of food.

12:56pm:  The guy sitting at Table Two looks a lot like George Mason, and he's wearing a CTU badge.

12:57pm:  The note's code says "K. Sutherland."

1:05pm:  Alison shares her last name with Ryan Chapelle, the LA district supervisor.

1:05pm:  Alison's phone number (24-487-2) is the first three multiplies of 24.

1:05pm:  Index card: 114 was my junior year room number.

1:19pm:  The Pippsi joke based on Cowboy Bebop's Pippu. Last mentioned in UR9.

2:19pm:  The customer Mika waits on has a Lazor band tee-shirt. This was inspired by a certain Strong Bad e-mail.

2:24pm:  Joe Hope's last name is taken from Leslie Hope, who played Teri Bauer in season one of Twenty-Four.

2:59pm:  The box Mika is carrying contains sugar, spice, and everything nice; the ingredients for the perfect little girl.

3:33pm:  3:33 is that magical time of day frequently used by the clocks in the GameCube video game "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem."

3:33pm:  In the background you can see the "Twenty-Ford Hall." This is a pun used by Twenty-Four fans in reference to the fact that the car company Ford has occasionally sponsored commercial-free episodes and requesting that all cars used on the show be manufactured by them.

3:33pm:  And would you believe that building's postal address is numbered 24?

3:33pm:  The theatrical poster featured on the Twenty-Ford Hall is for Sky Admiral, an obvious take on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

3:34pm:  The newscaster seen in the television inside the Nyara-Nyara is Maureen Kingsley, a reporter from Twenty-Four's first season.

3:38pm:  Edmunds Street is named after Chase Edmunds, Jack's partner from season three.

4:00pm:  Barbara and Calvin's last name is Dessler, after Michelle Dessler from Twenty-Four.

5:04pm:  The poster in Barbara's office is advertising Sylvia Imports, likely depicting a port from the Town of Grey. Sylvia Imports was a company mentioned in Twenty-Four's third season.

5:27pm:  VIX 12's schedule includes Twenty-Four and Lost, two of my favorite shows.

5:30pm:  The customer at the counter is wearing a "Cubz" tee-shirt, which looks suspiciously like the logo for the Cubs baseball team. On Twenty-Four, the Cubs are Tony's favorite team.

5:30pm:  The customer also has Tony's trademark soul patch.

5:41pm:  A box in the storeroom contains 24 Varieties ketchup--possibly a rival company of the ketchup that the Hitosara stocks.

6:00pm:  The title of issue 12 is a reference to both of Aaron Sorkin's tv series, SportsNight and The West Wing. Their season one finales were titled "What Kind of Day Has It Been." (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, another Sorkin series, also used that title for its first--and only--season finale, although this came two years after Seven to Seven finished up.)

6:02pm:  The same 24 Varieties box is visible after Mika is rescued.

6:30pm:  A note on the Hitosara break room refridgerator reads "Call Chloe." Chloe is a character from Twenty-Four.

6:30pm:  Chloe's phone number, indicated on the same note, is 48-729-6. 48, 72 and 96 are multiples of 24.

6:52pm:  The FDA car's license plate is 24ORD. See earlier reference about Twenty-Ford Hall.

6:58pm:  Mika's boyfriend's name is Curtis, another character name from Twenty-Four.

X:XXxm:  There are 24 references to 24 (either as the number or as the series) in "Seven to Seven." Which makes this reference a paradox; Being the 25th reference causes there to be more than 24 which renders this reference nonexistant. Funny.

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X:59xm:  Mika: "This is not happening!"  Her exclamation at the end of each issue is much in the style of Sam Beckett's catch phrase from the tv series Quantum Leap. Oh boy.
7:59am: "Oh, this is not happening!"
8:59am: "Oh, this is not happening!"
9:59am: "Uh...this is not happening."
10:59am: "Uh-oh...this is not happening."
11:59am: "No, no, no, this is not happening!"
12:59pm: "Someone please tell me this is not happening."
1:59pm: "Uh...this is not happening?"
2:59pm: "This -huff- is not -huff- happening!"
3:59pm: "This is not happening."
4:59pm: "This is not happening. This is not happening!"
5:59pm: "No... NO... THIS IS NOT--"
6:00pm: "--HAPPENING!"
6:59pm: "This is not happening." (This time said not by Mika, but by Andy. Irony!)