A twelve-hour shift? Every day??? How can these people manage that?
The Re<Verse residents are a tough breed. Here's the deal: I wanted as small a cast as possible so everyone could have their moments in the few issues there are. There are two full-time waiters (Andy and Alison), and one full-time cook (Cal). But there could be other part-time employees that come in on occasion or weekends that just don't get mentioned. Obviously nobody could work that hard forever. Barb? She's been there every day since it opened. Also, the hours are much shorter on weekends, so they get a bit of a break. What am I trying to say? That I was too lazy and preferred "Seven to Seven" over names like "Nine to Five" or whatever. Just enjoy the book.

Why did it take so long for this series to be made?
I wanted a monthly series. So I cut corners. They were only seven pages, which were all done in sketchy pencil and hand-written balloons. However, that still was too much work when I began producing Evil Jim, which became a runaway success. That ended up taking priority, and during the two years Evil Jim was produced, I made only five issues of Seven to Seven. Now I'm trying to make up for that by publishing the final four on the internet, where a larger base can view it as soon as it's drawn.

That Jimi guy looks an awful lot like you. Is he?
Yeah, pretty much. I like to put myself in every series I make, kinda like those Hitchcock or Stan Lee cameos. This is the first time I've ever cast myself as a main character, though. (Note: This series' first issue was published months before Evil Jim was created.)

Where did that big "specials" board just inside the front entrance go after the first issue?
Good eye. Two reasons for this; you can choose one. The story reason: José moved it when he mopped (issue 3) and nobody thought to put it back. The real reason: I forgot all about it.

"Time Food?" What does that clock say?
The clock says "Time for some food." The "TIME" and "FOOD" are in big letters, but "for" and "some" are in small cursive on the clock's round edge. Check the very close shots of the clock. I had the idea for the clock after seeing those enormous clocks at any given Friendly's.

Who's that chick with the "taser?" (issue 6)
Read Unfamiliar Reflection.

Does Mika have those dark purple bangs on both sides of her head, or are they on one side and keep switching to the other?
The bangs were made as a unique identifying feature. I didn't put much thought into them, so when the time came when I needed a shot from her other side, I just threw them on whichever side wasn't facing us. But she really only has those three bangs on just one side of her head. Which side? We may never know.

How can I get a hard copy of this comic?
1) You can go to Spa City Comics in my hometown of Saratoga Springs. They are the exclusive sellers of issues 1-7, and they only cost one dollar each. Issue 8 was printed only in the Free Comic Book Day sampler from 2004, and unfortunately is now out of print. 9-12 were never printed in physical form. So the only way you'll be able to read those issues is right here.
2) You can print them out for your own personal enjoyment. Printing them AND selling them, however, is a violation of copyright and I wouldn't like you very much. :-(

Are you going to go back and ink the pages, or touch them up in any way?
No. Seven to Seven is as finished as it's ever going to get. I'm sorry if my sketchy pencils are hard to make out at times, but this was always intended to be an unpolished series that could be produced quickly.


You can read the entire 727 series in about one single hour. Try it!

The physical issues were published with a phrase that echoed 24 by stating the events in the issue depicted one hour of Mika's life. However, the word "events" ran as "evens" for five issues before the mistake was noticed.

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