full-time employee

Mika recently moved to Yellow Village from her home town of Grey.  Desperately seeking employment, she quickly got a job at the Hitosara Diner.  Because she didn't learn English until a late age, her speech often regresses into Japanese when she isn't thinking.

full-time employee

Andy has been a waiter at Hitosara for over two years, after flunking out of college.  He knows the profession well, and frequently earns the title of Employee of the Month. Never mind there weren't many to choose from in the first place...

full-time employee

This hot-tempered waitress picks a fight with anyone at the drop of a hat. In her five months at the Diner, Alison has frequently arrived late, left early, and took dozens of long lunches. Her latest rash of no-shows has Barbara fuming, but Mika's managed to convince Alison that work isn't all that bad.


The owner and manager of Hitosara Diner. Barb, as her friends call her, started the Diner in 1015 after a short-lived marriage. She's tough as nails, but makes it a point to be a kind employer. The day's events have her a little on edge, and the sudden reappearance of her ex-husband is only making things worse.


Cal is the sole chef of the Diner. He is the only staff member besides Barbara to have worked at the Diner the entirety of its existence. He prides himself on his cooking; his pet peeve is finding a hair in the food. Because he's been working solo for a long while, his temper has reached its breaking point.


Good-natured José works double-time: When he's not mopping the floors of Hitosara Diner, he's cleaning the tables at Corley's Tavern across the street. Nothing pleases him more than a spotless room...unless perhaps it's a cute girl. But let's not go there.

customer/unofficial volunteer employee

Frequent customer of the Diner. Jimi can be found at the barstool just to the left of the center at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many speculate exactly how Jimi can afford such time off from work every day, and others wonder if he works at all. Perhaps even more mysterious is how he can somehow sense what the customers want before they even order.

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